Anticipation 2020// Exciting Releases!

Hey Everyone.

A few days ago Abigail posted a list of her most anticipated releases and it inspired me to put together a list of my own. I had a lot of fun looking at all of the books that are coming out this year! So many of my favorite authors have something coming out, it’s so exciting!

I hope you enjoy this list!


Image result for emma 2020 trailer

I am really excited to go see this movie. I enjoyed the older Emma movie with Gwyneth Paltrow and the BBC series Emma and so I am really excited to see new adaptation of this story!

Black Widow

I cannot wait for this movie. Many of you may not know that I am a fan of the Marvel Universe, definitely a new and not super hardcore fan, but still a fan. My dad, two of my siblings and I are currently watching the movies in chronological order (we are on Captain America: Civil War). Natasha Romanoff is amazing and possibly my favorite character (I also love Tony Stark and Wanda Maximoff. I can’t wait to see her movie.

Image result for mulan 2020

The trailer for this movie looks amazing! I have enjoyed all of Disney’s live action remakes and I can’t wait to see this one!


The Thief of Lanwyn Manor (Cornwall, #2)

January 7, 2020

The Land Beneath Us (Sunrise at Normandy, #3)

February 4, 2020

Cry of the Raven (The Ravenwood Saga Book #3)

February 4, 2020

My Calamity Jane (The Lady Janies, #3)

June 2, 2020

Storing Up Trouble (American Heiresses, #3)

May 5, 2020

Selah (The Sugar Baron's Daughters, #3)

March 3, 2020

A Portrait of Loyalty (The Codebreakers, #3)

September 8, 2020

Vying for the Viscount (Hearts on the Heath, #1)

August 4, 2020

The Story Hunter (The Weaver Trilogy #3)

May 19, 2020

Love & Olives (Love & Gelato, #3)

July 7, 2020

To Steal a Heart (The Bleaker Street Inquiry Agency, #1)

November 17, 2020

The Fifth Avenue Story Society

February 4, 2020

At Love's Command (Hanger's Horsemen, #1)

May 2, 2020

An Ivy Hill Christmas (Tales from Ivy Hill)

September 1, 2020

Like Flames in the Night (Cities of Refuge, #4)

March 3, 2020

Well…there you have it! A very long list of books that I am excited about that I haven’t read yet and that have been or will be released this year! It’s going to be a good year for reading if this list is any indication. I am so excited for all of these books! Especially A Portrait of Loyalty! I am currently reading On The Wings Of Devotion and it is amazing, absolutely amazing, I’ll be writing a book review of it soon.

What are some books that you are looking forward to reading? are any of these books on your tbr?

12 thoughts on “Anticipation 2020// Exciting Releases!

  1. I did not realize that Jenna Evans Welch was coming out with a new book this year!!! ECKKKK!! I love her books! 😍 I see a lot of similar books on your list! 😉 I am super happy to see your list, I always love seeing what books/movies are looking forward too! Speaking of movies, I cannot wait for the new Emma either!!


      1. I’m not sure yet, but I would love to go see it in theaters!! It look so good! Though I did hear that there is a bare butt scene…. It still is a PG movie though so 🤷‍♀️


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