Interview With Amie Anne//Blog Tour and Giveaway//Thoughts On History and Blogging

Hey Everyone.

I am really excited to participate in this blog tour promoting Amie’s new blog Amie Anne: A Girl Chasing The Stars. I have been following Amie for about a year now and I’ve watched her try a few different sites and a couple different titles. It is really exciting to see how her new blog has come together! It looks and is wonderful.

And let’s get to our interview!

*My questions and thoughts are italicized, Amie’s thoughts are not.

What inspired you to change your blog name?

I didn’t fit Crazy A anymore. And from talking to the people around me, they didn’t see me as Crazy A, either. So? It was time for a change.

That totally makes sense, I have recently been feeling the same way about my own blog.

Why do you enjoy blogging? What is your favorite part of blogging?

That’s a good question, one that I ask myself a lot. I enjoy creating content and sharing it with the world, and I also enjoy talk to commenters and other bloggers. It’s so neat to have a community of bloggers and blog readers. (Honestly, my favorite thing ever is collabing with someone. XD)

The blogging community is really wonderful and fun to be part of.

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging since August 2017. 

Do you have a favorite or preferred type of post?

I really like poetic posts, ones that aren’t exactly poetry, but have a rhyme and rhythm to the way they read. As an example, my posts Dreams and The Earth’s Tears.

Those are both beautiful posts, two of my favorites of your posts. The Earth’s Tears and Dreams both made me want to cry in the best way possible.

Let’s switch topics a bit now. I know that you are a history lover and since I am too I have some questions for you regarding your love for history.

Who are several historical figures who you admire?

Louisa May Alcott, Corrie Ten Boom, Louis Zamperini, Hannah More, Winston Churchill, Alan York, and Queen Elizabeth I.

I find Corrie Ten Boom and Queen Elizabeth I both truly admirable and inspiring. They both were really strong women, and lived interesting and dangerous, especially Corrie Ten Boom, lives.

What historical periods of time are you most interested in?

The 1500s are extremely interesting to me, as well as the 1850s-1950s. England in the 1500s is such an intriguing study, watching an empire build. And then seeing the years leading towards the American Civil war, and then reconstruction, WWI, the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression, WWII, and the aftermath of all of that is so intriguing. 

It really is intriguing. History in general is so interesting.

What is it about this period of time that interests you most?

Oops, I just answered this question in the last question. XD Honestly, it’s just intriguing to see how war effects the world, the economy, the culture, and the mindset of the generations in that time period. 

That’s true. War shapes the mindsets of entire generations, and the effects are so lasting and widespread. It can be easy at times to forget that it was all real people who died in the different wars, but we should not forget. All of those people mattered.

Do you think that it is important for everyone to about the history of their country? If so why?

Absolutely. I think it’s important that everyone learn the history of the WORLD, not just the history of their country. If we don’t learn history, we’re bound to repeat it. As Ecclesiastes said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” It’s the same with people’s heart. We’re going to make the same mistakes as our forefathers, unless we are wise and learn from their mistakes. 

It is important to know the history of the world you live in. Some days it can be so frustrating how history repeats itself.

Do you think that women should have had the vote from the very beginning in our country? Do you think that it is surprising that it took so, relatively, long for women to get the right to vote in our country?

What a good question. I want us to pause and consider the world in 1776. The mindset of the culture of that time. We read historical fiction books where the females are longing to be out there with the men. We read books about Molly Pitcher, who took her husband’s place. But how many of us have read Abigail Adams’ letters to her husband? What about Eliza Lucas Pinckney? Women were working behind the scenes, and so I think at the time, no. Due to politics, due to culture, due to many things, there wasn’t even the idea of “letting” or “not letting” women vote. There was strong Presbyterian beliefs in the new country, where the man is the head of the household, and his wife should agree with him.

 Those are all good points and true. We should not forget how hard the women worked at home to help make it possible for the men to go and fight. I have to say that I can not support or agree with that view of a woman having to agree with her husband, father or brother’s political views, but that was what the view of the time was.

Is it surprising that it “relatively” took a long time for us to be granted that vote? No. One, I don’t think it was all that long. In looking over history, a 143 isn’t all that long. I think it’s surprising that it took us so long to see that people with a different skin color than us are just as smart, just as human as we are. I do find it surprising, though, that it went on for how long it did. Women showed dedication, which is something we should be proud about each time we go to vote. 

Another good point, sometimes I forget how truly young our country is is. Our history is rich and full but quite short. It is shocking how long it took for African Americans to get the right to vote and to be recognized as complete and fully intelligent human beings!

Thank you for letting me interview you, Amie! I really enjoyed doing this.

And there you have it, my interview with Amie. I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it. Be sure to head over to Amie’s blog to check it out! And don’t forget to enter her giveaway!

Do you already follow Amie or are you just hearing about Amie and her wonderful blog? How do you feel about history? Do you have a favorite historical period of time to learn about?


3 thoughts on “Interview With Amie Anne//Blog Tour and Giveaway//Thoughts On History and Blogging

  1. This was so good!! I loved the interview and I loved how you both talked about history! Such good questions!!!
    history is a good and important subject!! great points from both of you!!
    *hugs! 😀
    -kaelyn 😛


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