The Story Raiders: A Book Review

The Story Raider (The Weaver Trilogy, #2)

Title: The Story Raider ❤️

Author: Lindsay A. Franklin

Published: 2019

Genre:  Fantasy, Christian, Young Adult

Rating: ★★★★★

My Thoughts:

I fell in love with The Story Peddler from it’s first paragraphs. Lindsay Franklin’s story was interesting, her world building detailed and believable and her characters absolutely wonderful. I received The Story Raider for Christmas and just read it about a month ago. It is a wonderful sequel to The Story Peddler, every bit as enjoyable and interesting.

The Story Raider follows Tanwen as she travels with Mor, her father and the other Corsyth weavers. The purpose of their journey is to find the cure to the weaver’s curse and to save Gryfelle’s life. They travel by boat to several island countries in search of story strands. The story strands were hidden by the Master weavers of old and when put together form the cure to the weaver’s curse.

Mor and Tanwen’s relationship is strained throughout most of the story. They are both tied to others, but they care for each other. Tanwen and mor are also each struggling with things unrelated to each other. Mor is filled with grief over the state of Gryfelle’s health and quickly approaching death. Tawen is scared to realize that she also is suffering from the same sickness that is killing Gryfelle. At times they are able to connect and rekindle their friendship, but each time their journey manages to build walls between them.

Throughout the journey, Tanwen’s story strands’ abilities grow and begin to develop. She is starting to discover what her strands are capable of with and without her direction. Tanwen is beginning to learn about the full scope of the powers of weavers and how knowledge of these powers is largely lost to time.

Back in Tir, Braith is trying to establish herself as queen. There are many who are against her and she struggles to fully establish herself as the leader of the Tirian Kingdom. Meanwhile, Naith Bo-Offraid, the High Priest, is working on a plan with his mysterious and evil Master to overthrow Braith.

The Story Raider is a story of friendship, adventure and determination. It is a beautiful story of sacrifice, endings and second chances with family. You do not want to miss the second book of The Weaver Trilogy.

Have you read The Story Peddler? Have you read The Story Raider? I am I the only one who can’t wait for the release of The Story Hunter!? What have you been reading?


3 thoughts on “The Story Raiders: A Book Review

  1. Great review!

    I just reread this! I LOVED the Story Peddler. I didn’t love it the first time I read the Story Raider, but I found that I loved it the second time. So excited about the last book! Just one more month. :))))


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