June // Protector – Kim Walker-Smith

I come out of agreement with the lie that You have left me on my own

I come out of agreement with the worry

And the fear I’ve come to know

They won’t have a hold on me 

Protector, You never let me go

You said You wouldn’t leave me, and You won’t

You’re right by my side, Protector 

I come into agreement with the truth

That You are who You say You are

I can trust Your heart

I come into agreement with what Heaven has declared over my life

You’re right by my side, Protector

You hide me in the shadow of Your wings

Your presence is my peace, my covering, my song in the night, Protector

No weapon, no worry will prosper against me

No darkness, no evil will tease or torment me

All power, dominion to one Name is given

My fortress, my freedom, my refuge, my Jesus


Protector – Kim Walker Smith

Hey Everyone.

And I’m back with more pictures from the past couple months. This year we have had more flowers than ever and I am, unsurprisingly, enjoying taking pictures of them all. The roses have been particularly beautiful along with the irises. Every year I am amazed by how much beauty flowers can bring to spaces that are not exactly beautiful in themselves.

I wanted to share Protector with you all because it has been serving as an important reminder to me to put my complete trust in Jesus, because despite my frustrations and struggles He will never leave me. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed Kim Walker-Smith’s music and the fact that she is putting out an entire new album is really exciting to me. 😀

On a completely unrelated note, I have actually been reading again! It has been wonderful to be able to read without feeling guilty or at least as guilty. I’m currently in the middle of Kara Isaac’s newest book (!!!) Start With Me, so far I love it, and Kellyn Roth’s The Dressmaker’s Secret, I have mixed feelings about this one. Full reviews to come soon. 😀

Have you heard Protector yet? What have you been reading?

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