Disney+ Favorites // Summer 2020 // Part 2

Hey Everyone.

I am excited to be back with part 2 of my Disney+ favorites! I have really enjoyed having access to so many of my favorite classic movies (and Hamilton!) through Disney+, I had no idea how many of my favorite movies were either Disney movies or made by companies owned by Disney. πŸ˜€

Hamilton in Los Angeles | Broadway Direct

Rating: PG-13

Genres: Musical, Historical

Well, of course I could not leave my beloved Hamilton off this list. With the exception of that one specific scene, you probably know which one I am thinking of, it is an incredibly enjoyable work of art. Every time I watch Hamilton I am blown away by the beauty of the voices, Phillipa Soo in particular, her voice is out of this world and how she somehow makes it seem completely effortless, it is just amazing. In some ways Hamilton was not what I expected, for one thing I didn’t realize, until right before watching it, that there was no dialogue but after watching parts of it multiple times I came to apprect how much the visual adds to the music. All that to say, I am definitely a Hamilton fan.

Rating: PG

Genres: Musical

When I first watched Mary Poppins Returns I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. In a way it felt disloyal to Julie Andrews’ Mary Poppins to love Emily Blunt’s Mary Poppins. After listening to the soundtrack a handful of times and re-watching it, I realized that I could love both movies. To be perfectly honest, other than the sad lack of Julie Andrews, I prefer Mary Poppins Returns to Mary Poppins. It is wonderful movie to watch and enjoy as a family.

Rating: PG

Genres: Musical

What’s not to love about the fun songs and colorful dance numbers of High School Musical 2? It is the perfect movie to watch in the dead of winter when all you want is some warm sunshine and fun. I personally think that in this case the sequel far surpasses the original.

Disney Is Remaking Its 1973 Animated Classic 'Robin Hood' For Disney+

Rating: G

Genres: Animated Classic

Out of all of the animated Disney classics this movie is quite possibly my favorite. I love it all! The dashing fox Robin courting his beloved Marian, the wonderfully hilarious cast of characters, terrible Prince John and of course you can’t forget the gold coins.

Rating: PG

Genres: Historical, Horse Racing

Secretariat is probably my favorite horse movie. Unlike all most other horse movies the horse doesn’t die! I love Penny and the fact that she doesn’t let the people who criticize her and her actions as a race horse owner overwhelm the fact that she knows she can do it, survive and thrive in a male dominated industry. This is a movie I would recommend to anyone who enjoys horse movies and movies based on true stories.

Sister Act 2 (1993) Β» Wisconsin Union

Rating: PG

Genres: Musical, Comedy

Sister Act and Sister Act 2 both have places on my unwritten all-time-favorite-movies list. I love Whoopi Goldberg and all the kids, the nuns and the music. By the end of the movie the choir sounds absolutely amazing and their version of Joyful, Joyful is incredible. Sister Act 2 is also, in my opinion, more kid friendly than Sister Act, another point in its favor.

Rating: PG

Genres: Fantasy, Action-Adventure

This movie is another one on my all-time-favorite-movies list. It may surprise you to learn that the White Witch is my favorite character, with Aslan coming in a very close second. what can I say, I love well-played and written female villians. Although I know of people who love the books and strongly dislike the movies, I think that loving both is possible. The books and movies are both wonderful and enjoyable in completely different ways.

Rating: PG

Genres: Musical, Classic, Historical

Considering the fact that by now I am sure you have caught on to the fact that I am a major Julie Andrews fan, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love The Sound Of Music. Although as I have gotten older I have come to recognize some issues with the movie (Sixteen Going On Seventeen anyone?) it remains a beloved part of my younger childhood memories and Julie Andrews’ voice continues to amaze me.

Rating: PG

Genre: Remake, Family, Comedy

I think I have parts of this movie memorized, my younger siblings went through this phase where they watched it like three times in five days. Somehow I still enjoy it. It is funny and sweet, Meredith is terrible and I love the parents for some reason. Parent Trap (1998) is another fun family movie that everyone will enjoy, at varying levels.

Rating: PG

Genre: Family, Fairy Tale, Adventure, Comedy

I love Tangled. I mean, think about Rapunzel’s frying pan and Maximus! How could I not love it. Also Eugene is easily the best guy any princess could fall in love with. πŸ˜‚

Which of these movies have you seen? Any thoughts or favorites? (Who else is excited about Mulan coming to Disney+!?)

15 thoughts on “Disney+ Favorites // Summer 2020 // Part 2

  1. Hi, is this blog still active? I’ve read Wednesdays with Nancy but never got to join!!! I’m a “tween” girl who’d love to check this out!

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  2. I love Mary Poppins & Mary Poppins Returns!! πŸ™‚ The songs are really fun and I think they picked out a good replacement actor for Julie Andrews in the second movie. Surprisingly I found Mary Poppins Returns just as enjoyable as the first movie, I thought it would not be as good but I was wrong.

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  3. Awesome post!! I’ve watched a lot of these movies: Mary Poppins Returns, Robin Hood, Secretariat, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Sound of Music, and The Parent Trap (both the old one and the new one, though I prefer the 1998 version). I really want to watch Tangled sometime, though. πŸ’• I would say my favorite among these is Mary Poppins Returns, though I really like all of them!


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  4. I absolutely love The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie although I admit it is not as good as the original book. I think my favorite version of The Parent Trap is the 60’s one, I guess I have to say that because I haven’t seen the 90’s movie. Which of these movies would you not recommend to a tween girl like myself? –I obviously recommend Tangled to a variety of ages (unless you aren’t a fan of fairy tale and princesses.)
    -Madeleine πŸ™‚
    PS. Hope I can join this blog with y’all!

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  5. All of those movies sound really cool, I’ve watched most of them but am not allowed to watch PG-13 movies yet. I would love to watch Hamilton though.
    And yes, I knew Wednesdays with Nancy closed! 😦
    Love your blog!

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  6. Hamilton!!!!!! Disney+!!!!! Key words to immediately catch my attention!!!!

    A Disney+ binge is long overdue for me, and all of the movies you mentioned are definitely going on my watchlist! Especially Mary Poppins Returns β€” I’m always in for more LMM content πŸ˜‚

    I just discovered your blog, Esmeralda, and I’m in love! I love this post and everything you’re doing here ❀️


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