Gladiolus // feat. As I Am – Hillsong Young And Free

I’m living in a grace where everything is more than I imagined

Where what is undeserved is freely given

All my regrets and my failures

All of my wrongs have been left at the cross

Now all that remains is the Father’s love

Oh Lord, You take me as I am

Over and over, You call me Yours again

You see it all, still You want me

Your kindness and mercy remind me how You love me

As I am

So let us be together seated at Your table in communion

Oh, everyone is equal in Your presence

‘Cause where I am from or where I’ve been

The way that I’ve lived or the colour of skin

Nothing will change how the Father loves me

As I Am – Hillsong Young & Free

What have you been listening to recently? What is your favorite song or album that has dropped this summer? What are you hoping to do before school starts? (Or has school already started for you?)

4 thoughts on “Gladiolus // feat. As I Am – Hillsong Young And Free

  1. I can never get enough of these photo shoot/lyric combinations. just stunning 🤩
    school is coming up soon! I’ll be back after Labor Day :)) can’t believe summer flew by so fast! 😱
    power to the local dreamer ||-//


  2. Great post! I love every pic of all those beautiful flowers. Especially pink ones 🙂 ! That song does sound good, where could I find it? School for me started around three days ago; I have been enjoying it so far. Again, I love all the pretty flowers!! I think I was listening once to a Christian songs playlist and some of them are very peaceful, or just beautiful.


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