BIBPC #6: Category 7

Hey Everyone!

Here is my BIBPC picture! I am so sad this is my last entry. I hope that Megan does another BIBPC again soon.

BIBPC #6 Team Bear

Team Bear is still in the lead, by a bunch! I am very confident we will win!

Category seven is INVINCIBLE! I had trouble coming up with something but my mom suggested using a picture of the sun so here you are:

Do you like my picture? What would you have done with for invincible?

I will be posting my usual Friday post tomorrow. I’m quite excited about it. 😀

BIBPC #6: Category 5

Hey Everyone!

I am sharing my fifth BIBPC #6 picture today!

BIBPC #6 Team Bear

Team Bear is STILL winning!!!!!!!

This week’s category is DISGUISE! I mean like how in the world are we supposed to do a picture of DISGUISE?! Seriously, Megan! *takes deep breath*

Anyway, here is my attempt at taking a picture of DISGUISE:

One of my brothers posed for me! Thanks, bro!

Well, there you have it my attempt. I hope you appreciate it, Megan. 😀

BIBPC #6: Category 4

Hey Everyone!

I am excited to share my fourth BIBPC picture with you!

BIBPC #6 Team Bear

This week’s category is………………………………………………………….FURRY!

So I know that in this picture you can’t tell how furry our cows are, but I promise you they are furry!!

Should I have chosen a different picture? Or do you think that it’s okay? 😀

See you Friday!

P.S. Team Bear is still winning!

BIBPC #6: Category 3

Hey Everyone!

I am still really enjoying BIBPC #6 and I hope that you are enjoying my entries!

BIBPC #6 Team Bear
Go Team Bear!!

This weeks category was tradition!

This picture represents last night’s nativity walk! My family has been doing a nativity walk sometime during the week of Christmas or the week before Christmas for several years now and it has become a family tradition! We invite our family and some close friends to come do it with us!

I would love to hear about your Christmas/Holiday traditions and plans in the comments!!

P.S. Team Bear is still in first place!!

BIBPC #6: Category 2

Hey Everyone!

First of all I am sorry that I was not able to do a Christmas themed post! I got sick and just wasn’t able to do it. I am thinking that in place of my weekly verse post this Monday/Tuesday I might do a Christmas themed post. We will see if I can pull it off!

I am SO excited to post my second BIBPC picture! A lot of thought went into my picture, and I hope you can tell! It was very difficult to figure out how to put the picture together using Megan’s words, but I did it (mostly)!

BIBPC #6 Team Bear

Without further ado………….my picture and an explanation:

Megan gave us these words: carols, celebrate, chill, candy canes, chestnuts, candle and cards, and we had to use at least three of them. I managed to use six, I just couldn’t find anything for chestnuts.

Anyway, the candles, cards, carols and candy canes are pretty self explanatory, right? I used the red plate, purple napkin and the lights for celebrate and the resting animals for chill.

Do you like this picture or the first picture better? Do think that the animals are chill enough and the plate and napkin celebratory enough? I would love to hear from you in the comments!!!

P.S. My team (Team Bear) won the first category! I hope we win the second one, too!


Hey Everyone!

I am so excited to be posting my first BIBPC #6 entry! Thank you, Megan for hosting this wonderful contest! I really enjoyed thinking of ideas for this picture, I can’t wait for the next category!

BIBPC #6 Team Bear
I am apart of Team Bear! 

Here is my picture for the COZY category!

My little brother reading a book in a chair. It didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped, oh well.

Do you like the picture? Do you think he looks cozy?

Weekly Verse #13

Hey Everyone!

I am sorry that this is a day late! I am going to keep this post short and I will be  posting again tomorrow or Thursday as well as on Friday!

I am participating in BIBPC #6! It is a photography contest that Megan came up with!! I am thrilled to be able to be apart of it! I will be posting the pictures I take for the contest!

Isn’t it beautiful how you can see the foggy mist?
My mom is letting me use her camera some, now and I am really enjoying getting to take better pictures! Can’t you see the difference?
More beautiful foggy mist!

Our verse for this week is:

Luke 1.68,69

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, for He has looked favorably on his people and redeemed them. God has raised up a mighty savior for us in the house of his servant David.

Advent started on Sunday! I absolutely LOVE Advent! Almost every night our whole family gathers in our living room and we sing christmas carols, read Bible stories, and the candles! For the rest of Advent our weekly verses will mostly likely be Advent themed.

How was your weekend? Does your family do anything for Advent?

Thank you for reading this!!!