Hey Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving (a few days late)!! I want to share some of the things I am Thankful for this year! Without further ado, here you go! 😀


I am so Thankful for music! Music is so amazing, I listen to music almost constantly, either on our family computer or on my phone while I am doing school. I don’t know how people lived before they could listen to music at home! 😀 

Some of the songs I have had on repeat recently are:

A beautiful cover. Right?


I LOVE reading so much! Sometimes I think that without books I would go crazy. Books are such a gift from God! I am so glad that there are many talented people who love to write and are willing to share their stories with us! I am so Thankful for our wonderful library system that makes it possible for me to get new books to read regularly. 

Several of the books/series I have really enjoyed this school recently are:

All the books that I currently have out of the library.😀


I have a couple of amazing friends who I have gotten to know better this year. I have been pen-pals with one of them for several years, but this year we have gotten very close! The other friend I am thinking of I have known (sort of known of) since kindergarten when we did homeschool stuff together. For a long time our families didn’t do anything together, but last year and this year we started doing things together, again. I have really enjoyed getting to know this friend! 

You two know who you are (at least I hope you do!)! I am so Thankful to have you as apart of my life! Thank you for being my friends!

Another friend who I am Thankful for is someone who is like an older sister to me! Thank you for all the letters you write me and everything!! I am so Thankful for you!

Isn’t this great? I saw it somewhere and I just had to repost it. 
Some friends and one of my amazing sisters.


I am so blessed to have the amazing family that I have! I so admire my parents and I am so Thankful that I am their daughter! I am so Thankful for every single one of my wonderful siblings! I love you guys!

I am also so blessed to have my grandparents be in my life so much! I am so Thankful for my amazing Tia! They are all such a blessing to me and our whole family!

This isn’t all of my siblings. 😀

What is something you are Thankful for? How was your Thanksgiving?

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Have a wonderful week!

Book Review!

Hey Everyone!!

For this weeks post I have a book review to share with you! It’s my first time writing an actual book review, so please cut me some slack. 😀

Kaelyn did a review on the second book in this series. I hadn’t heard of the series before Kaelyn’s review, so Thank You, Kaelyn! 😀

Anyway, I am doing my best to not have any spoilers, but if you are really worried then you probably shouldn’t read this!

The Healer’s Apprentice  By Melanie Dickerson



When I got the book from the library I was expecting another boring christian, historical romance book. I was pleasantly surprised that The Healer’s Apprentice was actually quite original! It was a refreshing to read an interesting christian, historical romance book. For the most part they are all the same, admittedly it was similar to other books but much of it was original.

The Healer’s Apprentice was actually suspenseful! It was fairly obvious that Rose and Lord Hamlin were going to end up together somehow, but I had no idea how until the middle of the book. It also wasn’t until about three fourths of the way through the book that it was obvious what Rose’e true identity was.

A summary of the book from Goodreads is:

“Rose has been appointed as a healer’s apprentice at Hagenheim Castle, a rare opportunity for a woodcutter’s daughter like her. While she often feels uneasy at the sight of blood, Rose is determined to prove herself capable. Failure will mean returning home to marry the aging bachelor her mother has chosen for her—a bloated, disgusting merchant who makes Rose feel ill.

When Lord Hamlin, the future duke, is injured, it is Rose who must tend to him. As she works to heal his wound, she begins to understand emotions she’s never felt before and wonders if he feels the same. But falling in love is forbidden, as Lord Hamlin is betrothed to a mysterious young woman in hiding. As Rose’s life spins toward confusion, she must take the first steps on a journey to discover her own destiny.”

The Healer’s Apprentice is loosely based on Sleeping Beauty. Honestly other then the evil sorcerer, I didn’t see many (or any) similarities to Sleeping Beauty.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes christian, historical romance books!

Well, I hope that this review was helpful. 😀


A few random really beautiful pictures!


Sorry that this isn’t longer, hopefully next week’s post will be longer.

Have you read this book? What is your favorite book?

Thanks for reading! 😀

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Ask a Reader Tag

Hey Everyone!

I am so sorry that my post is late this week. I hope that it is worth the wait. 😀

Kaelyn nominated me for this tag (thank you, Kaelyn!) and I am really excited to do it! I first saw it on Liz’s blog and she also told me that I could do it (thank you, Liz!). I hope that you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

What sparked your love for reading?                                                                                     

  I have always loved listening to stories! We have a bunch of pictures of different family members reading to me when I was little. 😀

Where do get your books?

From the library. I basically keep our tiny library in business with my inter library loans.  😂 Not really, but that is where 99% of my books come from. I am too broke to buy books, if I every buy a book it has to be one that I already know that I love. I would hate to buy a book and not even like it!

Where do you read?

In the car, at my desk (when I should be doing schoolwork, shhh don’t tell my mom 😂), on the couch, at the table, basically everywhere!!

When do you read?

While I am eating breakfast, during school, before bed, in the morning. Pretty much whenever I have a spare moment (and even when I don’t). 😀

What genres do you read?

Historical fiction, contemporary YA and middle grade fiction, fairytale retellings (is that even a genre?), biographies and autobiographies.

What are your favorite childhood reads?

Definitely the entire Little House On The Prairie series!!!! Who doesn’t love Laura Ingalls Wilder!

What are your favorite books?

Don’t get me started! Since you asked, I LOVE The Books Of Bayern by Shannon Hale, the Green Ember series by S.D. Smith, the Mark of The Lion trilogy by Francine Rivers, Disenchanted: The Trials Of Cinderella by Megan Morrison and so so many more!!!!

Do you read fast or slow?

Fast definitely, on a good day I can read several books.

Do you set reading goals?

I do. I set a goal on Goodreads to read 400 books in 2018! I have only read 213 books so far, I’m running out of time. I think that 300 would have been a more realistic goal for me. 😀

How do you track your reads?

On Goodreads! If you are a reader and don’t have a Goodreads account you should go get one right now!

Do you binge-read?

No, not really.

Do you fall in love with characters?

good question! I guess I don’t most of the time. They always find their perfect match anyway. 😀

Do you buddy-read?

Once in awhile, I prefer not to, although I do love talking with my friends about books that we have all read.

Do you re-read?

Constantly!!! At the moment I am re-reading the Mother Daughter book club books by Heather Vogel Fredrick (for the third time) and the Canadian West series by Janette Oke.

What’s the best thing about being a reader?

I couldn’t ever choose one thing. I love everything about being a reader and books!!

I TAG: Everyone who loves to read!!!! Enjoy!

If you want to do this tag, here are the questions:

  1. What sparked your love for reading?
  2. Where do you get your books?
  3. Where do you read?
  4. When do you read?
  5. What genres do you read?
  6. What are your favorite childhood reads?
  7. What are your favorite books?
  8. Do you read fast or slow?
  9. Do you set reading goals? What are they?
  10. How do you track your reads?
  11. Do you binge-read?
  12. Do you fall in love with characters?
  13. Do you buddy-read?
  14. Do you re-read?
  15. What’s the best thing about being a reader?

Thank you all for reading!! What do you love about reading? Do you love reading? What are your favorite books?

Enjoy your weekend!!!