Diamond in the Rough: Book Review

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Title: Diamond in the Rough

Author: Jen Turano

Published: 2019

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction, Christian Romance

My Thoughts:

I love this book, it is definitely one of my favorite recent reads! All of Jen Turano’s books are so fun to read. I love her characters, their dialogue is always hilarious. I always end up laughing when I read her books. They are the kind of books I love to read when I am stressed (and grouchy), they always cheer me up.

Poppy is someone who I would love to meet in real life, or to spend more time with in a book. She is smart, funny, stubborn and tough. Poppy is always getting into trouble in some way, she just can’t seem to help it! Poppy is a breath of fresh air to her grandparents and all of the New York 400.

I loved seeing Reginald’s character develop over the book. He really lightened up and learned how to smile. Poppy and Reginald really balance each other out. I loved reading their conversations with each other, it always made me smile.

I love this book, that really sums it all up. 🙂

I’ve always felt that misfits are far more interesting than normal folks.” Diamond in the Rough

I hope that your fall has been a wonderful season. I miss posting regularly on here, but school has to be priority. Right? Sadly, yes. I hope that you all enjoyed this review, I’ll be back soon with a….well a something post. I’m not sure yet what it will be, maybe a photography post or a cooking post or a…well you get the idea.

Have you read any of Jen Turano’s books? Are you going to check them out now? Did you know that KOTLC book 8, Legacy, was released last week?