BIBPC #7//Category 6

Hey Everyone.

We got some snow and quite a bit of ice. I’ve taken a bunch of pictures over the past few days and I’m excited to share them with you, soon, hopefully. Anyway………’s time for the second to last BIBPC category! I can’t believe it is already almost over. Time flies when you are busy. (By busy I mean reading every chance I get and probably not doing enough school. Just kidding, kind of.) 😀

team autumn

The sixth category of BIBPC #7 is……………………gentle.

The fog softens everything giving the trees the soothing and gentle appearance. Fog can be scary if you are driving but it has a gentle beauty.

Do you have school break this week or next week? Have you had any snow or ice where you live?

BIBPC #7//Category 5

Hey Everyone.

It feels like it has been awhile since I’ve posted, but it’s only been a week. I’ve had a busy but okay week. The weather has been weirdly warm which is pleasant but slightly disturbing. My siblings have been enjoying the opportunity to play outside without freezing to death. It’s been nice, but I wish it would snow, maybe soon.

Anyway…………Here you go!

team autumn

I am a proud Team Autumn member. Sadly we are having a bit of trouble, I think that we are currently in third place, hopefully we will do better this category. Even if we don’t win, I’ve still been having fun participating in this year’s BIBPC. 🙂

The fifth category of BIBPC #7 is………………..surprise.

I found this rainbow by surprise. I was walking in our hallway a couple weeks ago when I saw it. It’s slightly dizzying because of how bright it is but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It’s always special when we can capture a rainbow, even if it is only a small one.

How’s your week been? What do you think of this picture?

BIBPC #7// Category 4

Hey Everyone.

It’s been awhile since I last posted. I missed the last category because of a busy week of school and stuff. I’m excited to have this picture though!

team autumn

The word for category four of BIBPC #7 is…………….lopsided.

And here is my picture. the pile is sort of lopsided or at least it is uneven. I’m not sure why I’m having so much trouble with this. *sighs*

These are all really great books that I totally recommend. I have reviews coming of several of them! My sister and I got Mark of The Raven for Christmas. It is so good! I’m excited to share (and write) a review of it.

Have you read or heard of any of these books? What is one of your favorite winter activities? (Reading definitely counts!)

Before I go, if you haven’t checked out Jo’s blog yet you really should! This piece of writing that Jo and Clara wrote together is definitely worth reading!

BIBPC #7//Category 2

Hey Everyone.

I’m back with my second BIBPC picture! It’s been fun to post regularly again. I haven’t posted this much in months. 😀

team autumn

BIBPC #7’s second category is…………………………………………………

I had quite a bit of trouble coming up with a picture idea. After I went through the different things that the word fast made me think of, I realized that the words fast and fleeting have similar (or the same) meanings. That was when I decided on the picture I am about to share with you all.

Sunrises are so fast and fleeting. They are things of incredible beauty that last only several moments. Something that if we don’t get up early enough (like me) we miss. I challenge you to make sure to pay attention to the sunrise at least once in this next week. Maybe take a picture or just look at it and then fall back to sleep, you won’t regret it.

How often do you see the sun rise? Are you going to try to pay attention to the sunrise at least once this week?

BIBPC #6: Category 5

Hey Everyone!

I am sharing my fifth BIBPC #6 picture today!

BIBPC #6 Team Bear

Team Bear is STILL winning!!!!!!!

This week’s category is DISGUISE! I mean like how in the world are we supposed to do a picture of DISGUISE?! Seriously, Megan! *takes deep breath*

Anyway, here is my attempt at taking a picture of DISGUISE:

One of my brothers posed for me! Thanks, bro!

Well, there you have it my attempt. I hope you appreciate it, Megan. 😀

BIBPC #6: Category 2

Hey Everyone!

First of all I am sorry that I was not able to do a Christmas themed post! I got sick and just wasn’t able to do it. I am thinking that in place of my weekly verse post this Monday/Tuesday I might do a Christmas themed post. We will see if I can pull it off!

I am SO excited to post my second BIBPC picture! A lot of thought went into my picture, and I hope you can tell! It was very difficult to figure out how to put the picture together using Megan’s words, but I did it (mostly)!

BIBPC #6 Team Bear

Without further ado………….my picture and an explanation:

Megan gave us these words: carols, celebrate, chill, candy canes, chestnuts, candle and cards, and we had to use at least three of them. I managed to use six, I just couldn’t find anything for chestnuts.

Anyway, the candles, cards, carols and candy canes are pretty self explanatory, right? I used the red plate, purple napkin and the lights for celebrate and the resting animals for chill.

Do you like this picture or the first picture better? Do think that the animals are chill enough and the plate and napkin celebratory enough? I would love to hear from you in the comments!!!

P.S. My team (Team Bear) won the first category! I hope we win the second one, too!


Hey Everyone!

I am so excited to be posting my first BIBPC #6 entry! Thank you, Megan for hosting this wonderful contest! I really enjoyed thinking of ideas for this picture, I can’t wait for the next category!

BIBPC #6 Team Bear
I am apart of Team Bear! 

Here is my picture for the COZY category!

My little brother reading a book in a chair. It didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped, oh well.

Do you like the picture? Do you think he looks cozy?