Random Photos!

Hey Everyone!

For my post this week’s post I decided to post a bunch of picture that I have taken recently. Enjoy!

I love how the sky always looks different, no two days does it look the same, ever! God Is so creative!
More sky pictures! I could seriously take pictures of the sky all day, everyday and never get tired of it!
One of my brothers  riding his bike.  I love our road in the summer with the sun shining through the leaves!
My littlest brother laying in the grass. I thought it was cute! 😀
I love dahlias! Each one is so unique and beautiful!
I love how quinces’s skin looks!
I think that fountains are really cool! My family went to a park and I had a blast taking pictures  of the fountains. This is one of the many pictures I took!

What did you think of my pictures? Do you have a favorite? What do you like about it? Do you have any photography tips?

As always, any prayer requests?

Thank you for reading!!



Milkweed Photos:

Hey Everyone!

My mom asked my siblings and I to paint pictures of the milkweed pods and silk, but I decided I would rather take pictures of the milkweed than paint pictures of it. I still had to do a little painting, but my mom let me take pictures for most of the time my siblings were painting. 😄

I hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!


I really love the contrast of the white silk to the dark leaves and dirt!
I love how in this picture it looks like the milkweed silk is floating!
I really love how these seeds are standing up, they almost look like tiny trees or something!


Thanks for reading this!!

I really hope that you enjoyed this!!

Do you have a favorite of these pictures? What do you like about them?