Strawberry Picking Adventures

Hey Everyone!

I am back from my brief hiatus and I have several posts that I am excited about, but I had to write this one first.

So let’s jump right in!

I love strawberry picking. Absolutely love it. I think that my favorite part of summer is having fresh strawberries and sitting out in the hot sun for hours while picking them.

We have gone twice and we are thinking about going again. The first time we went the berries were huge ( my pictures don’t do them justice :)! We picked about eighty-five quarts, that day.

Strawberries are so beautiful! I love how the seeds are so defined in this picture. There is nothing like eating a strawberry right off the plant, when it still tastes like sunshine.

When I was younger, my dad worked at this farm, and we go back every year to pick strawberries. The farm is a very special place to us and it still feels like home in a way, even though it has been almost six years since we lived there.

We have been talking about making it a family tradition to always go strawberry picking together. It’s fun to imagine bringing my kids to this special farm and sharing the wonderful experience of stawberry picking with them.

The second time we went picking we picked 110 quarts! Our family record. 😀

I spent the entire next morning bagging these beautiful berries.

After my third (or was it fourth) flat I kind of thought I was going to go crazy or maybe already was crazy. When you look all around you and there are strawberries everywhere you just start to wonder.

My hands are still stained around my nails, but it was so worth it. Now we have bags and bags of strawberries to help get us through the winter and the satisfaction of knowing that we have more than last year so hopefully they will last at least as long.

Have you gone strawberry picking this year? What is one of your favorite summer activities?