The Painted Castle: A Book Review

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Title: The Painted Castle

Author: Kristy Cambron

Published: 2019


Genre: Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction

My Thoughts:

Wow, another beautiful book from Kristy Cambron. I haven’t read anything by Kristy Cambron that I haven’t enjoyed. I love her writing style and how she alternates POVs from different periods of time. She weaves her stories together beautifully.

The Painted Castle is the third Lost Castle novel and possibly the last, sadly. It is every bit as wonderful as The Lost Castle and Castle on the Rise. All three books definitely have a spot on my favorite books shelf and books I wish I owned shelf. If anyone is ever telling you that Christian Historical Fiction is a waste of time, Kristy Cambron’s books are ones that I would recommend to them, and her books might change their mind about the genre.

I loved Kiera, Amelia and Elizabeth, they were all beautiful, strong and unique characters. Other then that they don’t have much in common, but the estate and painting brought their stories together, across several hundred years. Each of the women lost people they loved and had to work hard to end up where they did. These women went through difficult things and came out stronger.

“The sun drooped low on the horizon as they talked, until it’s rays were gone and only an ink-sky and coffee by the firelight remained.”

“Perhaps God whispers my name instead, and gave me an artist’s heart all along.”

Quotes from the The Painted Castle

Have you read this book? Have you read any of Kristy Cambron’s books?