BIBPC #7// Category 1

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year! It’s so crazy that it is 2020. I am excited for this new year and thrilled to be participating in Megan‘s photography contest, BIBPC, for the second time! I will posting my pictures for BIBPC on here every week.

team autumn

I am on Team Autumn this year! I’m so excited to get started!!!

The first category of BIBPC #7 is……………….unnoticed.

I picked this picture for the category unnoticed because as I was thinking about which picture to choose and looking at my pictures from recently, I saw this one and I loved it. When you look at it you might be like, huh? why would she pick that picture, but as I looked at each water drop and each pine needle, I thought about how easily the beauty of each individual drop and needle can go unnoticed. This makes me think about why I love photography, it gives me an opportunity to bring notice to the little pieces of God’s creation that most of the time go unnoticed.

There you have it, my first BIBPC #7 post. I hope that you can appreciate and notice the little details in your life that usually go unnoticed as this new year starts. Maybe it’s that adorable little wave your youngest sister gives you when you smile at her, that hot cup of tea or coffee that you had this morning, that letter that you received in the mail or the fact that the sun came out today.

Are you participating in BIBPC #7? What do think of my picture? Do you agree that it is hard to notice the little things in life?

Weekly Verse #28

Hey Everyone!

It’s feeling mostly springy here again! I spent some time outside this morning with my siblings and we went on a nice walk, only wearing our sweatshirts! It feels like it has been forever since we didn’t need layers of warm clothing, so it is wonderful to only wear a sweatshirt.

I think Zibah was waiting for someone to throw her the ball. 😀

Very soon all the trees will have leaves! I can’t wait.

This thorn looks super pointy, but I love the color of the little branch. I probably shouldn’t love anything about the prickers, but if we have to put up with them we should appreciate any beauty that they have. Right?

Our Verse for this week is:

Psalm 85.7,8

Show us your steadfast love, O LORD, and grant us your salvation. Let me hear what God the LORD will speak, for God will speak peace to God’s people, to God’s faithful, to those who turn to the LORD in their hearts.

I love that how this verse says that God will speak peace to his people. It is such a wonderful and amazing promise, that God will give us peace and I find it extremely comforting.

What stands out to your from this verse? How has your Lent been? Any prayer requests?

Spring Goals 2019

Hey Everyone!

I love spring. Everything about it except for all the mud. I love watching everything come to life, seeing all the grass turn green, hearing the birds in the morning, again, all the beautiful new leaves, the warm breeze….I could go on and on.

Even though it is officially spring, here it still looks pretty much like winter, but the first signs of spring are emerging. Sadly I don’t have any springy pictures to share, but hopefully I will soon. 😀

Anyway, here are my spring goals!

(1) Go barefoot outside while the ground is still spongy and cold. I love how it feels and it is so freeing to finally go barefoot after the winter.

(2) Take more walks. I really enjoy going on walks, I’m just usually not motivated enough to get outside while it is still chilly outside.

(3) Stay consistently active on my blog. I love blogging, but sometimes I just can’t pull off a post. It always frustrates me. I am hoping I can stay active and stop getting annoyed with myself when I can’t or don’t post.

(4) Make homemade pasta. I’ve only done this once and it is a crazy amount of work, but so worth it!

(5) Finish school. I feel slightly behind, but I’m pretty confident I will be able to finish in June.

(6) Read and review at least three YA contemporary novels.

(7) Get back into the stretching every night.

(8) Take at least one picture everyday.

(9) Read my Bible more often.

(10) Work on writing about things that I am passionate about.

What are some of your spring goals? Have you ever made homemade pasta?

Weekly Verse #24

Hey Everyone!!

I took a walk earlier today and I was thrilled to see the first signs of spring. 😀

I love how all of these branches kind of tangle together! And you can see the brighter colored buds!

Tree buds (is that really what you call them?) are so beautiful and as I looked around I saw how different the different trees’ buds looked.

I love the tree bud pictures!

This tree is dead, but the bark is still so beautiful!

Our verse this week is:

Psalm 51.7, 8

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones that you have crushed rejoice.

It is crazy to imagine being cleaner, whiter then snow and that we can be that clean!

Which picture is your favorite? Have you been seeing a signs of spring? What stands out you from this verse? Any prayer requests?

Photo Collab!!!

Hey Everyone!

I am really happy to (finally) share this photo collab with you! Without further ado…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Here you go!

So how we did this was we (Lauren, Kaelyn and I) each came up with three topics and we had to either take or find pictures we had taken before for each topic. It was really fun to come up with each picture. 😀

Starting with my topics:

Winter: My winter has been full of snow so for winter I thought that it had to be a picture of snow.



Kaelyn’s Topics:



Fun: My brothers have so much fun on their mini-bike so I chose this picture.

Lauren’s Topics.

Animals: A picture of our beautiful dogs, from the summer!

Books: I’m not really a fan of how this picture turned out, but I’ve never tried taking pictures of books before. Maybe I just need more practice?

Cozy: I’m re-using my first BIBPC photo.

What did you think of this collab? Which picture is your favorite? Is there anything that you would like to have me post about? I’m open to suggestions!

Snow Photos!

Hey Everyone!

I am really happy to (finally) share the pictures I took a couple weeks ago of the snow. I thought about waiting another week since we are getting more snow, but I want to share them today. Just warning you, though, I will probably be posting more snow photos soon. 😀

I love how the snow on the green grass looks. In person the grass was even greener.

This picture makes me think of a brook. I love the contrast of the dark wet rocks to the fresh white snow.

More snowflakes, the reddish color of the stump is so beautiful.

More snowflakes and moss. ❤️

The orange fungus, white snow, dark bark combo is so pretty!

Snowflake and bark close up. I love this picture. I think this one is my favorite from this bunch of pictures.

One of our barn cats, Maya. She let me take quite a few pictures of her. This one turned out the best. 😀

Which picture is your favorite? Why??

Thanks for taking the time to scroll through all these photos! I am excited to hear what you thought of them in the comments!

So sorry that this post is a couple days late! I was having trouble with our computer.

Weekly Verse #9

Hey Everyone!

So Sorry that this two days late. I forgot to post it yesterday.

I had a really great weekend! My dad took the oldest kids in my family (one of my sisters, one of my brothers and me) to Boston for a Jesus Culture concert! It was awesome!! I will be posting pictures from it on Friday!

Our verses for this week is:

Habakkuk 3.19

God, the Lord, is my strength; God makes my feet like the feet of a deer, and makes me tread upon the heights.

I love this verses! In choir last year we sang a song from this verse.

How are you? Any prayer requests?

Screenshot (317) (4).png

Fall Leaves

Hey Everyone!!

I cannot believe that it is already the second week of October! It definitely looks like fall outside, rainy, gray and all the leaves yellow and red. On our farm the leaves are already falling and fading. Our backyard is covered in leaves. My littlest siblings and I started a leaf pile, but it is raining today so we will have to finish it tomorrow. 😀

I took a bunch of pictures of the leaves and the sky this past week and I wanted to share them with you! Enjoy!!

I love how there is a small patch of blue sky between the leaves.

I love this tree because there are several types of vines climbing up it, as you can see some of the leaves are yellow, others are red and the main tree still green.

I feel like this year I am seeing more yellow leaves then red. Is it just me?

The bushes seem to stay green longer then the trees. I wonder why?

Isn’t that dead branch cool! 


How has your fall been so far? Are the leaves turning or falling where you live? Any prayer requests?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!




Random Photos!

Hey Everyone!

For my post this week’s post I decided to post a bunch of picture that I have taken recently. Enjoy!

I love how the sky always looks different, no two days does it look the same, ever! God Is so creative!

More sky pictures! I could seriously take pictures of the sky all day, everyday and never get tired of it!

One of my brothers  riding his bike.  I love our road in the summer with the sun shining through the leaves!

My littlest brother laying in the grass. I thought it was cute! 😀

I love dahlias! Each one is so unique and beautiful!

I love how quinces’s skin looks!

I think that fountains are really cool! My family went to a park and I had a blast taking pictures  of the fountains. This is one of the many pictures I took!

What did you think of my pictures? Do you have a favorite? What do you like about it? Do you have any photography tips?

As always, any prayer requests?

Thank you for reading!!