Etcetera #4

Great photos and wonderful blog!

A Farm Girl's Life

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Hello, dears!

My random photos and mini adventures are piling up fast, so I guess it’s time for another Etcetera post! You might want to get comfortable, because this could get reeeeally long. O.o (Update: yep, it’s really long. XD) Are you ready for this? Are you set?

Let’s go!

Book Club

Some of our friends started a book club this summer and invited us to come. It’s been really fun so far! Last meeting we discussed The Hobbit. Most of the members also made their own costumes and brought hobbit food. 😀 I didn’t personally dress up, but I DID take pictures of everyone else’s costumes, so that counts, right? 😛

book club 1

I hope you’re taking a moment to fully appreciate these AMAZING COSTUMES. :O

book club 2

Isn’t this the cutest?

And here it is… behold, the Hobbit Feast! We had cram, honey cakes, stuff mushrooms, a strawberry tart, and lots more…

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