A Long Overdue Introduction // Featuring Our Animals // Part 1

Hey Everyone.

Well, here it finally is. I have been promising this post literally since I first started blogging and just haven’t gotten around to it before now. I am quite excited to introduce you to some of our animals!


This lovely lady is the daughter of one of our favorite cows, she had a beautiful heifer this year named Monarch.


Buttercream is currently one of our wonderful nurse cows.


This big guy was my brother’s baby when he was little, for now he is hanging out with our dry cows and heifers.


Hope’s mom was one of our original family cows and my mom’s most special cow. As Hope as gotten older she has grown in her resemblance to her beautiful mama, Grace.


This adorable little guy and his sisters (who will be include in Part 2 of this post) have been the source of much joy for my siblings and I over the past few months. He is so adventurous and active.


Ali is our amazing live-stock guard dog whose primary job is protecting our broilers. She lives out in the field right across the street from our house and we all see her often. obviously these pictures are a few months old, but she is still the same beautiful and obedient dog.

Aren’t they beautiful (and adorable)?! I might not be as crazy about animals as some members of my family are, but I love and appreciate all of our animals and enjoy helping to take care of them during the summer. After all they give us the amazing milk, eggs and meat that I so enjoy cooking with, so it’s hard not to love them. 😀

Do you have any animals? Are you a cat or dog person? ( I am definitely a dog person, with a few exceptions. ) What is your dream pet, fantasy or real?

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