A Short Reflection On My Summer!

Hey Everyone!

Who’s sad that summer is over? I know I am! It feels like summer just began. I am already looking forward to next summer!

I had a great summer! I was able to go to an amazing christian summer camp for a week, we had several rounds of family and friends come visit us, we went swimming many times and so so much more! It wasn’t perfect and it didn’t always go like we hoped and planned, things rarely do it seems, but overall my family had a wonderful, busy summer!


One of the highlights for me was when went to the ocean. We didn’t make it there for much more then half an hour, but it was still amazing! All of us had a blast getting slightly wet in the freezing cold water! I love the ocean and I wish that we lived closer to it.



I love the late summer sunrises! I rarely get up early enough to see them, but when I do it is definitely worth it! They are so beautiful! My aunt took this beautiful picture of the sunrise across the field from my house.


What about you? How was your summer? I can’t wait to hear!


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