Random Photos!

Hey Everyone!

For my post this week’s post I decided to post a bunch of picture that I have taken recently. Enjoy!

I love how the sky always looks different, no two days does it look the same, ever! God Is so creative!
More sky pictures! I could seriously take pictures of the sky all day, everyday and never get tired of it!
One of my brothers  riding his bike.  I love our road in the summer with the sun shining through the leaves!
My littlest brother laying in the grass. I thought it was cute! 😀
I love dahlias! Each one is so unique and beautiful!
I love how quinces’s skin looks!
I think that fountains are really cool! My family went to a park and I had a blast taking pictures  of the fountains. This is one of the many pictures I took!

What did you think of my pictures? Do you have a favorite? What do you like about it? Do you have any photography tips?

As always, any prayer requests?

Thank you for reading!!



7 thoughts on “Random Photos!

  1. I love it 😍 your photography is stunning!!! I love taking pictures of clouds ☁️ ahh! I have so many pictures of the sky and clouds you wouldn’t believe it. What camera do you use? I love dahlias 🌺🌸 is that a flower you’ve planted? Recently I found a beautiful flower (I don’t know what type) and I got some awesome pictures of it!! 😋
    I love looking at other people’s photos!! It gives inspiration!!! Love it ♥️

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

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    1. Thank You so much, Jenna!!! I am so glad I am not the only one who loves taking pictures of the sky and clouds!!! 😀
      I bought the dahlias at one of the farmers market we go to! I got four of them and they were all beautiful!
      What did the flower look like?
      Thanks again, Jenna! I really appreciate you commenting!


  2. Yay Esmeralda! Those are great photos! I love the picture of your road and the dahlia the best, so pretty, but all of them are ah-mazing!! 😍 I love photography too, it’s amazing how many gorgeous little things there are in nature, all thanks to God! Photography really helps you find them and capture those things. Hope everyone has an amazing day! Praying for you all!
    ❤ ❤ ❤ Hannah


    1. Thank you, Hannah!
      I totally agree with you about finding the little gorgeous things God has created and capturing them by taking a picture of it! Pictures really make you notice things you would never notice otherwise!!!!
      Thank you for commenting, Hannah!

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      1. So sorry Hannah, I do not have any post about my horse. He is staying at some friends farm for right now. They have more time to work with him then I do!
        I will post some pictures of him soon!


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